About Me

People nowadays are like walking machines with a fake smile on their faces. Why is it so? Why people aren’t happy anymore? Well,the question is very simple.

Most people don’t get a chance in life. They are forced to do something they don’t even like for living. 

First you go to high school, than college, university, than you find an average job and work from 9 to 5, pay bills, have many problems with your friends and family (if you are lucky enough to have one). You get no happiness, you don’t get the best of what you call life… and then you realize that you are too old, too tired, have no more power to fight and you’re simply waiting the end of your life.
Why should it be always like that? People are always complaining about their problems. But no one sees that the real problem is in them. It’s not about how much money you have, how rich your parents are, where you were born or your social status. No! IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU  AND THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE.
So that’s what my blog is about. If you need motivation, good business tips for beginner entrepreneurs and want to invest in yourself and succeed – you came to the right place!
I want to show you that we are all able to achieve the goals we all have and follow our dreams no matter what happens and how hard it is. Going through hell to achieve your goals is the best part of success and I love it! I want to help through this process and make you believe in yourself. Cause I already believe in YOU.
Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself! My name is Simeon Penev and I am 17 years old entrepreneur who is OBSESSED with HARD WORK! Sounds crazy right? Most 17-year-old boys are crazy about  girlfriends,going to the night club, drinking, taking drugs and do a lot of stupid things. Me? I am very simple. I’m crazy about SUCCESS and HARD WORK! I think of that 24/7!
It is my number 1 priority now because I want to achieve something in my life. Life is too short and I got no time to sit around just wasting it.
P.S Oh! And I love to hustle
I live in Bulgaria,Europe. You maybe never heard of Bulgaria before.Well it is a small,but very beautiful country. It is the oldest country in Europe. The people here are unique in their own way. People all around the world are amazed of our traditions and culture. You should visit Bulgaria at least one time in your life. So this is where I come from. 🙂
So if you love entrepreneurship,social media marketing and business,you’ll feel right at home here!
Community is stronger than a one-man team. Always remember that YOU are the one that achieves YOUR dreams!
Don’t be afraid of taking the actions that can change your whole life! Find your passion and put in the work!