Think More About Who You Want To Be


Why Time Is So Important?

Who I want to be? This is the question many people ask themselves. Some of you already have a plan for their future and know who they want to be. And some of you don’t. Why? Because they always say that there is time. Time to decide. Time to do something new in their lives. Time to make the right choice. But the truth is that there is no TIME! There is never enough time for nothing. People are not living their dreams. They don’t even try to,because they are busy to do something don’t even like. Do things that gives them nothing useful and only wastes their time. Go to work they don’t want to, talk to people they don’t like, do things they are not passionate about. The question is – why is it like this? Why we never get what we want in life and why we lose?

Well… it is time to say the truth. The truth I always wanted to share with someone and I think now is the time.



Education System Kills Talents

School – the hell for children. School for your children is like the worst work place you can ever have. Think about it. Your children go to school every single day just as you go to work. And what happens when you do something you don’t like doing for 8 hours a day (minimum)? Do you feel useful to society? Do you feel useful to yourself? And the most important – do you feel happy? I bet you don’t.

That’s what happens to your children too. School kills them. It kills their talents,creativity,dreams,strivings,desires,potential,beliefs and makes them unhappy,sad,disappointed and angry to the world people who never achieved a thing in their lives. Sounds awful,but this is the truth about our “modern” educational system. Think of this before you ask me why I am saying this “nonsense”.

Who You Want To Be?

We live in a free times right? We are free to make different decisions,take actions,do a lot of things without anyone to stop us. It is up to you to choose. It is not the school,your parents,your friends or teachers that define you as  person or take the hard choices for you. It is up to YOU! Think about who you want to be? Be that successful entrepreneur,CEO,owner of a million-dollar businesses or just be the hero and the saviour in your friends’ and family’s eyes. The only advice I can give you here is – BE YOURSELF! Yup! Being yourself sometimes is the best choice you can ever make. Following your dreams can be so inspiring to you just as working 24/7 is to me. It is all about finding your true passion. And remember that nobody can tell you what to do. It is all up to YOU!

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